Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to fix a Porta-Bote leak

If ever you find a leak on the hull or on the hinges Dont worry. Here are some wide advice.

The glue withs a two-pack Scotch-Weld acrylic which sticks just about any sort of plastic to any other with a flexible bond, it requires no surface preparation.
3MDP8010 2 Part EPX Acrylic Adhesive 38ml 
3M Scotch-Weld EPX Kit inc 17 Element Nozzles

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Now you have to fill the boat  with water to see exactly where it was leaking.  Now tipped off the water out of the 'Bote and let it dry thoroughly .
Paste the glue into the joint from inside and out and leave it for some time

Fill the 'Bote again with water and wait to see if you find any water dripping.

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